STAX: SRA-14s – possibly one of the all-time great pre-amps?

"Finally I was able to acquire an SRA-14S and it has arrived now! No phono equalizer modules however.

A previous owner had been cutting copper tracks on the input/switching pcb and added a lot of wires (in different places than the cut traces). Neatly done, but still.... Maybe he had some problem with the switches? So restauration will be a major undertaking without documentation.

Can anyone help me with the service manual and/or schematic diagrams? That would be highly appreciated. Paper copy or electronic, everything is welcome.

The headphone amp looks at first glance like the circuitry of the SRM-1 (of which I also have no service manual), but the power supply looks a lot better. A vastly larger transformer of much better quality than usual for Stax. So it may even sound a bit better. I switched it on briefly and it sounds very promising."

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