SONUS FABER: Interview with Sonus Faber Livio Cucuzza

Mono & Stereo exclusive interview with Sonus Faber main designer Livio Cucuzza.

An open view into his and company approach to design not only regarding Sonus Faber speakers, but also Audio Research and Waida. We looked into what is 21st century is going to bring for company and customers.

How did all started for you at the Sonus Faber premises?

This story is funny. All began during an interview with Mauro. One of the external engineer of Sonus Faber told me that Sonus Faber was involved in a new project for a flagship speaker. I thought I was speaking with a very traditional factory, so the first concepts were very conservative. When I showed my proposals to Grange and he immediately didn’t like them!
After this meeting I understood that he was not a nostalgic, but he really wanted to bring Sf in the new millennium, so I re-tried with some new ideas and he was enthusiast! Those concepts were the very first shapes of Aida...

Would you consider yourself an audiophile?

My grand father with my father had an HiFi shop in the ‘90s in my city in Sicily. I grew surrounded by hifi gears and my first money was spent to buy a hifi system: one Technics rack with RCF speakers. I was 12 years old. After this I .....

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