REGA: Roy Gandy – 40 Years of Reganomics

Steve Harris / Stereophile writes:

It's not easy to get Roy Gandy to look back. "I'm not a past person, I don't reminisce," he says. "But right at this moment I'm feeling very happy. We've not quite completed the launch of a whole new range of turntables and a new range of electronics, and I'm feeling elated."

As Rega Research plans to celebrate its 40th anniversary, Gandy has good reason to feel that way. Things have never looked better for the company he founded in June 1973 and still owns. Rega is a major beneficiary of what we still must call the vinyl revival, though that's only part of the story.

Rega began with the now-collectable Planet turntable, then got established with its earliest glass-platter decks, the Planar 2 (1975) and Planar 3 (1977). Then, in 1983, came the groundbreaking RB300 tonearm, surely the most successful speciality audio product in history. Including all variations and OEM versions, sales of the RB300 now amount to well over 400,000 units.

In 1988, Rega began making its own cartridges. Loudspeakers and amplifiers followed in the early 1990s, their first CD player was launched in 1996, and Rega became a whole-system manufacturer.

A few years ago, Gandy would have told you that ......

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