RAY MANZAEREK: On Acid, Ghosts and Jim Morrison’s Death – by Stephen Daultrey

The late Ray Manzarek of 'The Doors' fame speaks to Stephen Daultrey along side his band member Robbie Krieger on paranormal life in England and 'this supernatural world'.

Back in 2010, I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing two of my musical heroes – Ray Manzarek and Robbie Krieger of The Doors – in support of their excellent, Johnny Depp-narrated documentary When You’re Strange. Manzarek’s haunting, jazz-infected organ parts helped define the band’s iconic sound, while Krieger’s mystical blend of trippy rock guitar and flamenco styles made him nothing short of an idiosyncratic genius.

Following the tragic passing of Ray Manzarek on 20 May 2013, aged 74, following a protracted battle with cancer, it is with mixed emotions that I revisit this interview, which remains to this day, one of the strangest and most colourful interviews I’ve done. To be honest, I expected absolutely nothing less…

Raymond Daniel Manzarek, musician and founding member of The Doors, born 12 February 1939; died 20 May 2013

I once read that David Bowie saw Satan at the bottom of his swimming pool in the 1970s. Have you ever had any stand-out supernatural experiences?