Hi Howard. I know you resigned the STAX agency some years back. Can you offer some advice though? I am thinking of importing STAX for my own use?

In my direct personal experience the following comments apply equally to new STAX equipment or used equipment:

  1. All STAX items have serial numbers. This means that any importer will know if a unit you return for service has been supplied by them or was a grey import. Depending on how that importer feels at the time, they might service the unit and charge you, or refuse to service at all. Thus, even under warranty, if the unit is defective, don’t count on getting warranty work done in your own country. On the other hand, STAX equipment is generally but not utterly reliable.
  2. Given the extraordinary and almost unprecedented exchange rate that sees UK sterling being terrific value when purchasing from, say, the USA or Germany, this can make it an attractive option. But please read the cautionary notes here.
  3. German STAX equipment is the same voltage as the UK.
  4. See today's STAX bargains from Germany HERE
  5. USA STAX equipment requires a step-down transformer.
  6. STAX imported from Japan requires a very specific step-down transformer. I have not had direct experience of this.
  7. Never forget the cost of freight, absence of warranty, voltage issues, VAT on import and import duty, the overall cost over and above (say) a successful e-Bay bid, or buying from a German or US supplier could well be 25% higher than the winning bid or price you pay for a new item.
  8. Learn from my mistake; I once bought a Meridian 601 from the USA. Idiot! After the freight, import duty, VAT, the return cost to and from Meridian for a change of power supply (very good value there I must say) I’d have been better off looking for one in the UK. Sounded damn good though.
  9. Buyer beware. Always has been – and I guess always will be.

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