STAX: Unreliability of vintage items?

Gentlemen, which era of STAX headphones are more reliable. Old or new?

Howard Popeck writes as follows: First things first, I've not been involved in selling STAX equipment for some years and so my comments and observations are based on my experiences then and not currently.

They’re called ‘Earspeakers’ incidentally. Old or new is not really precise enough to give an accurate answer. However for many enthusiasts the golden era was pre 1996 and the modern era in post 1996.

From that perspective bearing mind I have over the years sold roughly equal quantities of energisers and earspeakers from both eras, reliability was in my opinion  far higher on the older equipment. Personally I believe that in general the pre 1996 energisers were better built. Built to last a long time in fact.

I was the founder and owner of the now defunct SimplySTAX;  I closed it due to what I felt was unacceptable levels of product unreliability.

Howard Popeck

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