STAX: 4040 or Omega earspeakers for a blues enthusiast?

My system is LP12/ Itok/ Koetsu/Armageddon/Groove/Hi cap/82/250/Kabers.Some time back I bought a Densen 400XS CD player second hand to play a few discs I usually keep in the car. 30 Min's into the first blues disc it sounded so bad I assumed I had a poor recording.On with another - same terrible sound.Even my wife said hope you didn't pay much that's awful and she's not into hi-fi. I decided to save your disc for when I went to a hi-fi shop with 'up market' equipment. This occurred last week.I played it through a DCS/Spectral/Avalon £90k system.The detail was amazing.The other side of the coin,I didn't like the tone too harsh a treble but not as bad as the Densen.

After taking so long to thank you it may seem a little presumptuous to ask your advice but I'll give it a try ! I often listen to music late at night and am thinking of buying some headphones.I have somewhere a Stax set up purchased in the 1970's which no longer works.I don't have high hopes of a repair if say the diaphragms have perished so I am considering a replacement second hand pair.Now what to choose ? Do you have any view on Stax 4040 vs Omega ? Is the Omega a big step up or is there any other manufacturer I should consider listening to ? Music preferences are Blues - 1960's electric onwards/Floyd/Led Zep/Santana. Once again thanks for the CD.

Yours is a most interesting tale. Thank you. You are quite correct in assuming that 1970s STAX earspeakers are either difficult to repair, or just not worth the hassle. Re the Omega 2 versus the 4040. The answer is simple. The 4040s offer outstanding value and would in nearly every circumstance be the preferred choice for me. Around 25% of the price of the Omegas with about 85% of the sound quality. These can be purchased very inexpensively from the USA or Japan.

Regarding suitable energisers, I would go for one of the valve units as these are slightly smoother than the sold state. Admittedly you do lose a little of the visceral slam that a solid state gives, but given your observations re the Densen, it might be the more sensible choice.

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