PHILIPS: Fidelio L3 headphones review: Seriously sophisticated sound

If you're looking for a slice of top quality comfort with sophisticated audio quality to boot then the Philips Fidelio L3 delivers one of the most outstanding over-ear experiences of any headphones released in 2021.

However, the Fidelio L3 can't deliver class-leading active noise-cancelling (ANC) - so if you want to more-or-less remove all of the outside world's ambient noise then look elsewhere - and the app, in our experience, has some issues.

Still, if it's crisp high-end, floaty mid-range, and taut low-end sound quality that you're looking for then the Fidelio L3 delivers an impressively articulate soundstage - and that, above all else, is the key selling point and why these cans are ultra-easy to recommend. The price is very fair, too, given how outlandish some competitors' asking prices are.

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