T-AMPS: Any point?

I'm thinking of getting a little T-Amp as a spare amp / for 3rd system use (I have a pair of Klipsch Heresys doing nothing at present - I could set them up in the 'record shop', I've also got a pair of JR149s, but I doubt a chip amp would drive them).

Anyone got any recommendations as to which are the nicest sounding ones / which are to be avoided? I notice there are several different chipsets 2020, 2021, 2024 etc, all of which seem to have their fans and detractors. I'm in an ideal position to have a play as I have some very efficient and easy to drive loudspeakers: the Heresys are 95db and a minimum impedance of 8 Ohms, plus I have a pair of La Scalas in system #2 which are 104db! I've skim-read the huge thread over on WigWam, but many of the models discussed have been superseded. I don't really care about price, so if the verdict is that a Bantam or larger Topping e.g. TP60 are better sounding than the <£60 stuff then I'll buy one of them. I'm just curious to try this technology given all the hype and would like to give it a fair crack.

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