CRANKSHAFT: Interview / Upper Mississippi Blues Musician Crankshaft:


From a long while ago ....

Alex Larson has been performing under his alias “Crankshaft” for almost four years now. His stylized alter ego is a fascinating extension of his Midwest upbringing, which combines his love for primitive musical forms (blues, punk, surf rock), with his adoration for classic automobiles. Although he has devoted himself to playing raw, fuzz-driven downhome blues, Crankshaft could not have been imagined prior to the early punk scene. The DIY ethic that so many highly influential indie bands are known for, is alive and well in both the attitude he brings to the stage, and his understanding of the music business. The thing that allows Crankshaft to find fulfillment in his art lies in the fact that he is not idly waiting for a major label to descend down and “discover” him. Rather, he is an ambitious, self-sustaining musician who controls all aspects of act, from the songwriting and recording to the merchandising and promoting.

Words By Richard Morales, Music Editor for Dig In Magazine

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