SD ACOUSTICS: I’m the very proud owner of a pair of SD SD1s which have ….

Hi all,

I'm the very proud owner of a pair of SD Acoustics SD1 speakers, which have actually done the rounds of a few wammers, before squeezing through my door. I absolutely love their sound. I also snapped up along the way, a pair of OBS-R from the same company. They are the 'Open Baffle Speaker', but the last incarnation of them, where they added a ribbon tweeter in the manner of the SD1. They are also really nice speakers. I have in mind at some point to also get hold of a pair of Steen's smaller monitor speakers, with a view to ultimately having a 5.1 option with the same signature sound.

I was wondering how many other wammers there might be, who have SD speakers, their opinions on them, and especially whether anyone has, or has heard at any time, the SD Ribbons? They were of a similar size to the SD1, with, IIRC a couple of conventional bass-drivers at the bottom, and then a massive long ribbon panel taking care of all of the mid/top. They were, I think, the top of the SD range, and I'd love to hear them some time. Some came up on Ebay about a year ago, and in a rare fit of restraint, I didn't bid highly enough, and they were gone into the hi-fi ether..

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