GREEN DAY: When I Come Around (CD)

  • "When I Come Around" was recorded in 1994 for US-FM and features all the classics and hits.
  • The world s most successful punk band, Green Days transformation from San Francisco cult heroes to global rock phenomena is as staggering as it is captivating.
  • From a scene credited with introducing the American public at large to Punk Rock in the early 1990s, the group were quick to establish themselves as the most vital of their peers, with their major label debut Dookie going on to sell 21 million copies worldwide.

1 Chump

2 Longview

3 Burnout

4 When I Come Around

5 Welcome To Paradise

6 Coming Clean

7 Knowledge

8 Basket Case

9 2000 Light Years Away

10 Disappearing Boy

11 My Generation / She

12 Geek Stink Breath

13 Armatage Shanks

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