CONVERSATIONS WITH COLIN: Marketing as an influence on audiophile design?

Hi Colin. To what extent – if any – does marketing influence your designs?

It has ..... for a few things. I've not really taken much notice of marketing and to be honest, if an audio business is run by money grabbing twits like those I've met in the past then ... no thanks.

I did in the 1980s see a move ... possibly marketing-driven but not by me towards small but powerful tiny amps in size. I responded. I was eager to please and designed the Dirk. It sounded OK but sales were rubbish.

I see that same trend today and TQ did make a range .... the 'Listen' and the 'Atom' but the market was small. Possibly still is. Don't know for sure. I think it might be that my marketing skills were not good rather than the product being unworthy.

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