CONVERSATIONS WITH COLIN: Audiophile industry heroes

Hi Colin. Who if any are your audio designers heroes and why? Thanks. Nigel Beethoven (no jokes please)

Hello Nigel. Heroes is a bad thing to have as it puts normal humans on a dais and yet they are human. But the gents and ladies in this complex industry that I put up with; the so called heroes are the following:

Brian O'Rourke, a good friend full of fun and loved his music and I miss his sound advice and his jokes.

Next would be Tom Fletcher of N.L.E. and the maker of the Dais turntable. He always made me feel welcome and his love of music was not limited to one type. He introduced me to Grace Jones on Tannoy Westminster driven by one of my 1KW/ch amps, and as we watch the dust fall off the roof beams, I was soon concerned about my hearing.

Then Bev Reynolds of the shop Audiofile in Bishop Stortford, a charming but down to earth woman, who gave me lots of tips and introduced my Gold Plated Mains Plugs to the world, and when I was in need gave me a roof to sleep under.

John Michell the Gyro King, kind hearted and so so patient it was unreal. His staff are still fantastic to this day, and still recall the young Wonfor; always happy to see me at shows.

Paul Tyler of Pro-AC he gave me a chance to use my skills and helped to guide me to make Magnum amps. Thanks Paul.

Marc Van-Moebeke of Etude Belgium, he and his family have been part of my family since the late 1970's he made great sounding speakers. On one occasion we were listening to Magnum A100's and noticed the right hand channel was not so loud as the left, as the music was turn up Rita his wife came in saying the Kitchen lights keep flashing.

On checking the kitchen with the music off and finding nothing we went back to the music, now with vigor we turn up the level until we could smell smoke. The speaker terminal was shorted and the monster cable was melting the new carpet. Whoops. The amp was fine, but that and many other stories of disasters and experiments in their home, caused by me or my love of science has left Rita cautious in letting me lose with anything electrical in her home.


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2 thoughts on “CONVERSATIONS WITH COLIN: Audiophile industry heroes

  1. hi Colin ,
    thanks for giving up even more of your time for us music lovers! , just a quick question , for your forth coming SECA kits , given their fairly low output, what would you recommend as minimum speaker sensitivity and average impedance ?
    cheers 😉

    1. Hi. I will make a list of speakers and their sensitivity and impedance. As matter of interest the amp can be adjusted to drive as low as 2 Ohm with a new transformer or and large heatsink. Will explain next write up. Colin.

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