CONVERSATIONS WITH COLIN: Impedance – match of pre / power amps

Dear Colin, impedance match of preamp and main amp. I am considering mating a McIntosh Mc602 with a Bat Vk 51se. I noticed the input impedance on the Mc602 is 10K. While most Bat amps are much higher. Do you see a problem with this? It seems I remember at Stereophile I used to know told me about a ratio minimum of 1 to 25. I am not sure though. Can you advise please? Thanks.

I found the spec for the 53 but not the 51. Let’s assume (possible wrong) it’s 200R. if so then it should be OK, but they do mention transformer coupling and this could present a problem with poor quality bass.

All my Amps had 10K inputs and the pre could drive up to 10R. I chose 10K because if it was accidentally unplugged like on 100K or even 47K the devastating scream was horrid and I could have ended up buying new speakers.

Thank you for the question.

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