CONVERSATIONS WITH COLIN / QUAD: 4-Pin DIN plugs to construct an interconnect for 33/303

Dear Colin, I've ordered a pair of 4-Pin DIN plugs to construct an interconnect for a Quad 33/303 system. Do both the channels need to be individually shielded, or is crosstalk not an issue here, and one could use something like this with just an overall shield?

Failing that, can you recommend a really good quality (but non-foo!) cable to use that will fit into a DIN plug without having to possess a degree in origami and finger wrestling? Ta muchly. John.

Hello John, I hate DIN plugs, but love Quad so we are stuck with it. I have used this cable; it is good but picking the shield back is a pain. I would use two separate lengths. And try and buy some and then sell the surplus. Here is the appropriate link.

Thank you for the question.


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