CONVERSATIONS WITH COLIN: External power supplies

Hello Colin. I seem to have read somewhere that you feel that external power supplies for audiophile equipment Is really an irrelevance if the original power supply design has been correctly implemented. Have I got that right? If not, can you put your views to us? Thanks in advance, Nigel

Okay, I did say that for most kit it’s built to a cost and sometimes making the perfect or better PSU cost more than the amp itself.

Now then … my skills in electronics come from a time way back when I was designing only PSUs and getting them right is not simple, For dynamic loads, like amps, it can be complex. You have to consider Noise, Hum, Hum-Loop, Radiated Hum, Magnetic coupling and current rating, lifetime of components (MTBF) under the demand you confront. For example charging a 56V battery at 100K Amps is so much easier than a PSU for a phono stage, so this would need careful placement to stop the MC input buzzing along with the magnetic flux radiated from the transformer at the mains frequency and also the harmonic caused by the bridge rectifier as it pulls current from the transformer. So cost is the key. Large transformers plus big bulk caps, regulation and heatsink etc. doing this right costs lots.

Thank you for the question.

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