CONVERSATIONS WITH COLIN: The value of mains regeneration?

Hello Colin and may I congratulate you on your resurrection. My question is this. As it is generally agreed that as a consequence of the variation of the mains waveform systems sound different at different times of any twenty four hours, do you do your fine-tuning at a similar time each day for continuity? Or do you use mains regeneration and/or mains filtering in your lab. Might you go as far as to say that those of us living near industrial installation, some form of mains processing will sooner or later be needed for mains waveform constancy? Thank you. PF

Hi PF I do my testing at mixed times early and evening often and weekends. When I was at TQ we were on large industrial site and this produced some interesting effects on the main, mostly large DC offsets. I also built my own mains regen test box at 2KW it could produce voltages from 60 - 350VAC at any frequency from 5Hz - 50KHz and I could induce DC offsets and any other modulated AM or FM signal, even nasty square wave, I made one a few year earlier for Naim so we could test their transformer for Lam and winding noises. It worked very well.

Naim Test Box 1

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