Funny thing is, there’s really no good answer any more.  I used to advocate RPG diffusors and personally I use a combination of RPG and DAAD Diffusors but it seems RPG has gone away from high-end accessibility and DAAD is not something you can afford.

Where does one go now and what the heck happend to the whole industry?

There was a time when room tuning was all the rage.  From Michael Greene putting expensive pillows in the corners of the room while standing on a ladder to all kinds of crazy tricks and theories to a quiet nothingness.  I searched around and found ASC Tube Traps are still around but seems they’re targeting the home theater market these days.  I am sure there are plenty I’ve missed but ….

Room tuning isn’t a fad.  I know the room tuning craze of years ago probably turned off a lot of folks, but it is still perhaps the most important element you have to making your system sound magical.

Do what you can to make the room work.  You’ll be blown away with the results.

Paul McGowan

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