STAX: The death of simply-STAX #04

Originally published here in 2009

Dear Howard:

I am very sad to receive your letter, but I guess we all have to move on in our lives. I had no idea that you felt this way, but then again according to your letter, neither did you until that fateful morning. In a way I can understand you. Although headphones and energizer from Stax are some of the finest in the world, I can imagine that getting somewhat boring, despite the constant development from them as well as others.

I love my All my Stax equipment, but I somehow think that it is sad or even irritating that they never continued their fine experimenting on amplifiers and speakers as they used to do. It just seems difficult for me to understand how this company can live on headphones alone. Although they are very known and renowned by people that know them, they are not exactly Sony in terms of public knowledge of their existence.

I don’t understand what went wrong that day in 1996, when they apparently decided to close down (apparent only to open again very soon there-after???). I used to think that their policy regarding following only their own visions and drams, without listening to the voices of any clients, however much financial influence they might have had. But completely closing their eyes and ears to the loud screams and cries from the people that love Stax the most, when it comes to development and renewal of old Stax equipment has for me at least now turned admiration into a somewhat stubborn arrogance, that no matter at what cost, does not want to listen to reason.

They know that there are more than enough buyers and that people knowing and loving Stax would stand in line to buy their products, so what is the problem??? I don´t understand I really don´t. But anyway that was a small stray from the main subjest...You Retirement from Simply Stax.

Anyway my good friend Thanks for all the support, time and effort you have shown to me, during our short time of knowledge. I hope and wish the very best for you in the future.

With My Utmost Sincerity.

TL Copenhagen Denmark.

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