CONVERSATIONS WITH COLIN: Equipment break-in. Fact or fiction or a combination of both?

Hi guys. Is there or will there be an ‘official’ Elsdon Wonfor Audio policy on this. Here’s my view. I'm an adherent to the psychological theory of so-called break-in; it's simply one's brain adjusting to a new piece of audio equipment. I also like to compare it to the ancient therapy of acupuncture; break-in apparently works with practically everything: speakers, headphones, DAC's, cables, etc.

Acupuncture is apparently the miracle cure for everything from depression to skin rashes. The evidence for both seems to be unscientific and circumstantial. Can you direct me towards some scientific studies on break-in? It would be most appreciated. Thanks. Gary


Hi NO, But for example I and a few friends can carry a sound around and the difference year later. I have just had a thought what about wine taster and perfume tester etc and let not forget the beer testers. Untrained maybe but after 50yrs plus not so maybe me thinks. As to acupuncture I hate needle so no comment sorry, too many lately.


Talk about a can of worms! I am with Paul Simon on this – Still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest (The Boxer).

Being from a scientific background I would want to see any perceived or claimed difference shown by measurement. Being a realist I admit that I would not know what to measure to check this alleged effect!

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