CONVERSATIONS WITH COLIN / ELSDON – WONFOR: Boutique brand, or mass-market?

Hi Colin. First. Congratulations on rising phoenix-like from a difficult time with difficult people! From what I have read my impression is that you are intent on keeping Elsdon Wonfor Audio small; a boutique-brand if you will. However for the sake of conversation, or curiosity or whatever, if you wanted to, could the company be mass-market?

What I'm asking is, is there a dissonance between state-of-the-art equipment and the shrinking market? Could you bring high-performance sound to the masses? Cheers. Derek.


Hi Derek, Firstly to quash the impression that Elsdon Wonfor Audio is my company it is not, I just did a few designs for the company. I do believe Mr. Elsdon may be doing some product for the mass market but I will leave that for him to respond.


Just to clarify EWA is my company with Colin as a Consultant – more details on this arrangement will be included in the website when it becomes active.

Boutique-brand? No. Mass-Market? Definitely not. Given the type of product that EWA will be making (PreAmps, Power Amps, Integrated Amp) this already places us in a niche-market. The mass-market is AV gear and Digital with it's Streaming and Computer-based products.

Having said that there are plans for some power-supplies which may appeal to more people, similarly with cables there may be a larger market, but I would never see EWA being part of the mass-market.

Our products will be made to last, this usually entails over-engineering which unfortunately always means higher costs.

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