CHRISTINE McVIE: Love across the airwaves


When the news of Christine McVie’s death broke yesterday, radio stations around the world queued up her 1987 hit, “Everywhere”. The song’s sparkling synths will have shimmered from a thousand car radios and supermarket speakers, sending tiny, shiny bubbles of love and anticipation fizzing into the midweek mood. Paces will have picked up to the bouncing trot of the melody and fingers will have begun tapping on steering wheels. Multipacks of loo roll will have been tossed into trolleys with a little more flourish. Then McVie’s clear, questing voice will have cut straight through the mix.

“Can you hear me calling/ Out your name?/ You know that I’ve fallen/ And I don’t know what to say…” It’s a sound that will have transported many older fans back to its release, over a quarter of a century ago, a month after the “Great Storm” had .....

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