Chord Company’s HDMI cables use the same high-quality materials and unique construction techniques that the Wiltshire company has become famous for, offering music, movie, TV and gaming fans the proven advantages of Chord Company-built cables. Every Chord Company HDMI cable is handmade to order at the Amesbury (Wiltshire) factory, located just outside the world-famous Stonehenge.

The cables’ quality, reliability and future-resistant specification also make them ideal for installations, where frequent cable swapping is neither desirable nor practical.

Chord Company’s Shawline HDMI AOC 21 benefits from the company’s trademark advanced shielding and legendary handmade quality and includes a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind. 

About Chord Company HDMI AOC (Active Optical Cables)

For several years, Chord Company has been exploring optical technology to deliver the full performance capabilities of today’s players, processors, consoles and screens.

Unlike TOSLINK cables, where the entire signal is carried down optical fibres, HDMI AOC cable is an advanced hybrid of seven copper cables and four optical fibres. The advantage of optical fibre is that it doesn’t pick up HF noise, unlike copper. This potential weakness, coupled with the longer cable lengths involved, means that HF noise on the signal earth is inevitable. 

Even though this is a digital ‘optical’ cable, Chord Company’s engineers have to ensure that the copper elements are fully protected from external HF noise pollution. Therefore, beneath the external PVC jacket, the company has incorporated a double aluminium foil shielding system for even greater performance. 

Price and availability 

Chord Company Shawline HDMI AOC 21 is available now priced from £250 (1 m)

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