Is this why amps sound so different?

Sorry for the long winded question. I have been trying to figure out how to ask this for a while. I haven't got much experience with many amps but here is what I found over the years. 1984 I bought an HK 580i. It seemed to play anything. The bass was deep and the mids & highs were clean and clear. 1994 ish I bought a Yamaha RX 550. It may be a little better on the mids and highs and vocals but just seems to lack in the bass department. The bass is there but it is just not as deep like the HK was.

Recently my son brought over an HK AVR 125. It is different yet. Deeper bass than the Yamaha but overall not as clear on vocals. We also have an HTR-5940 Yamaha and it is kind of lacking in sound quality compared to the others. This is all using same Genesis 210 speakers the I bought when I originally got the HK 580i.

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