ARCAM: Alpha CD as Transport – Viable? Safe?

I am still in the planning stage of replacing some NAIM gear with Teddy and have decided not to replace my XPS2 with a Teddy XPS as I feel that my eventual position will be transport/DAC or Streaming. To convert the CDX2 into a transport would be great sonically I am sure but bad financially when it comes to resale so......................

In my attic I have an Arcam Alpha CD player, not an Alpha plus or 2,3,4,5, etc just an original Alpha with a digital output. It was my first player and has literally been back in it's box for at least 12 years.

My questions are:-

As it is "ancient" is it suitable for use with a current model Teddy DAC (not yet bought) and also is it safe to use - ie would it possibly explode when plugged into the mains? The safety issue also applies to a Creek amp and a Linn Axis TT.

I have looked at other suggestions and particularly like the used Meridians suggested by elephantears but good examples still seem quite rare and/or expensive whereas the Arcam is "free" but if the general opinion is that it would be a waste of time and needed "clocking" or some other modifications I will not try it - I have not bought a DAC yet and know that the Meridians will work fine.

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