Cyril Thornton writes ...

UK based business originally founded in 2008 by Alex Fletcher (ex-Dixons buyer) and was based in the London Docklands. The company started selling iPod docking systems in late 2009 that were specified by Mr Fletcher and reflected his experience in the CE retail industry since the company only sold their products to larger retail chains and ignored the smaller dealers completely.

he company only delivered two products in the form of the Indigo and Indigo Travel iPod speaker docks, both are a similar design featuring an oval shape made out of brushed aluminium, feature full-range drivers with Neodymium magnets, an external 3.5mm input and can be run from the mains power supply or from batteries.The bigger Indigo had an RRP of 79.95 UKP, featured 60mm drivers and typically retailing for 10 quid less, that model actually got quite decent reviews for its basic sound quality in comparison with similarly priced and featured models at the time but in todays market would probably be considered as something of a disappointment.

The smaller Indigo travel had an RRP of 39.99 UKP, featured 30mm drivers and to be frank did not sound all that hot, quite disappointing in fact but represented a reasonable value at the time if we take its diminutive size and competing products into the equation.

Changes in the format of the newer iPod/iPhone systems meant that the product only partially worked with newer models, the supplied remote for instance lost some of its functionality and you had lift the unit out of the dock to change playlists or albums. This meant that the company was sitting on a considerable stock of outdated devices and in April 2010 it was decided to close the operation down and sell the remaining stock on at a steep discount, the Indigo went for 29.95 and the Indigo travel for 14.99 and had sold out by the autumn.

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