What’s the most disappointing Classic Rock album you’ve ever bought and why pick that one?

TR writes:

For me it is George Harrison’s Somewhere In England. The studio album prior to that, George Harrison featured 5 tunes that even today are a joy to listen to, including “Blow Away”, “Not Guilty”, and the terrific “Love Comes To Everyone”.

Somewhere in England was bland. Felt like Harrison was on automatic. No real energy or color with the exception of “All Those Years Ago”, which was originally intended for Ringo before Lennon was gunned down. Just so happens that the release took a long time because the record company didn’t think much of the original set and George went back to rework much.


DH writes:

Caribou, by Elton John.

I really love “Bitch is Back", which never appears on any greatest hits compilation.

And I already had “Don't let the Sun Go Down on Me" on a greatest hits, the only other song I was familiar with on Caribou.

I gave the other songs a chance to grow on me, but they never really did.

The same story with “Rock of the Westies”

Love “Island Girl" and “Don't Go Breaking My Heart” but not sure I want the rest of the songs.


JT writes:

Probably a controversial choice but teenage me HATED Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours follow-up, Tusk. It was expensive, unapproachable, 4 sides of filler material for about 2 songs worth listening to. I barely ever played it after the first listen through and felt cheated every time I did. Instead I just listened to Rumours again when I wanted Fleetwood Mac.

Expectations, cost, and frustration with the more experimental material doomed the album listening experience for teenage me.

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