GEORGE HARRISON; What was he like as a person?

Editorial note: We've no idea. We never met him. But we did sniff around on the Web and found this:

Barry Moore, I've been reading extensively about the Beatles for a few years now. I definitely know more than the average …Answered March 8, 2015

According to Tony Barrow, who worked for The Beatles managing press relations from 1962 to 1968, George Harrison was the one that changed the most as Beatlemania progressed. Initially, he was the most accommodating with reporters, especially if they were nervous, rookies, stumbling, etc. As the pressures of fame became greater, he became very irritable.

In fact, so much so, that Barrow often tried to find writers from guitar magazines, because George was better when talking about something he was very interested in - guitars. He was very much into how they worked, fixing them, etc. Barrow says that George would actually tune all of their guitars before performances.

George quickly tired of answering questions about silly things like what kind of cereal he likes, his favorite color, etc, etc.

As an example of Georges irritability, Barrow says that one time he had hired another press officer to accompany the band on tour. This new chap tried to manage the band with a military-like style (which didn't go over well). There was an incident where George wasn't finished his breakfast yet and this chap was trying to rush him to meet a reporter. George reportedly dumped his orange juice on buddy's head, followed by buddy smacking George, then receiving a smack back in return! This chap was fired shortly thereafter.

In the movie "Good old Freda," who was Brian Epstein's secretary, George Harrison was a total gentleman in making sure that Freda got her own personal autograph book signed. She explained that she often handed them books and told them to sign it to "Lisa" or "Sharon," or whoever. At one point, when she wanted her own book signed, she was too sheepish to admit to George that it was her own autograph book. George took special effort to make sure that Freda's book got signed by all four Beatles.

In short - George could be the nicest guy you ever met - but could get irritable if asked the same questions over and over and over.....

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