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Growing out of the R&B boom of the early 60s, Family's sound evolved into a unique mix of blues, folk, jazz, psychedelia and high energy rock’n’roll built around the distinctive vocals of frontman Roger Chapman, Charlie Whitney's innovative guitar playing and Rob Townsend's thunderous drumming. Anyway was released in late 1970 as the band were riding high following the release of their top 5 album A Song For Me which was released earlier in the year.

The album was split between live tracks on side one and studio recordings on the second. The live recordings capture the band's incendiary performances while the studio recordings saw the band moving into new areas which were to provide the basis for Fearless, their critically acclaimed next album. The album reached #7 in the UK charts when first released and this 2015 reissue comes as a 2 CD set with inclusion on the second disc of the Strange Band EP, originally released in 1970. This set has been lovingly remastered from the original tapes by Pete J Reynolds. The booklet has been beautifully packaged with rare pictures & memorabilia and features liner notes from Family expert Pete Feenstra, the same team that created the award winning ‘Once Upon A Time’ Box Set.

Disc: 1
1. Good News - Bad News ( 08:06 )
2. Willow Tree ( 04:39 )
3. Holding The Compass ( 04:28 )
4. Strange Band ( 03:34 )
5. Part Of The Load ( 04:41 )
6. Anyway ( 03:28 )
7. Normans ( 04:21 )
8. Lives And Ladies ( 06:35 )
Disc: 2
1. Strange Band ( Studio Version ) ( 03:15 )
2. The Weaver's Answer ( 04:55 )
3. Hung Up Down ( 02:39 )

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