CREAM: The Lost Broadcasts (CD)

Rare Recordings From The Dawn Of Cream’s Short But Dynamic Career

A vital power trio and probably the first ever supergroup, in a career lasting little more than two years Cream sold over 15 million albums and had a number of Top 20 singles to boot.

This compilation features the recordings that have come to be known as “the lost BBC Sessions” - sessions recorded for and broadcast by the Beeb, but not previously released - alongside a broadcast recording made in Stockholm in 1967, as the band performed at the Swedish capital’s Konserthusert (Stockholm Concert Hall).

Certain to prove a delight for fans of Cream, this release is the holy grail for collectors of this timeless act.

  1. Sleepy Time Time 3:10
  2. I'm So Glad 3:13
  3. Traintime 3:18
  4. Toad 2:32
  5. Tales Of Brave Ulysses 3:01
  6. Take It Back 3:07
  7. Blue Condition 2:46
  8. Introduction 0:57
  9. Tales Of Brave Ulysses 4:35
  10. Sunshine Of Your Love 6:56
  11. Sleepy Time Time 6:23
  12. Steppin' Out 11:24
  13. Traintime 7:01
  14. Toad 11:31
  15. I'm So Glad 8:47

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