StereOpus magazine – what happened?

Gentlemen. Do any of you remember this 1970s US-based magazine? Any idea what happened to it? Thanks.

Audiophile print magazine published and edited by Thomas J. Norton & based in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, USA. Started out in 1975 and was advertised as a quarterly magazine, it primarily featured reviews of high end equipment with a few feature article and some music reviews, by late 1975 the publication frequency had increased to 5 times a year and the magazine had grown considerably in size and had moved address to Shalimar in Florida. By 1978 or 1979 it appears to have disappeared altogether.

Mr. Norton was an USA Air Force pilot at the time he was publishing and edited the magazine in his spare time, he later resurfaced as a writer for Stereophile and in 2000 became the editor of sister publication Ultimate AV Magazine, other reviewers that wrote for the magazine include Randy Tomlinson.

If you are looking for issues on inter-library loan the original ISSN numbers may help you: ISSN: 0364-1538 and ISSN-L: 03641538 0364 1538.