JIM ROGERS: Revisiting the superb JR149s

I started my hi-fi journey with a pair of these and have been very interested to revisit them for quite a while - I remember loving them. I've been holding off for either a boxed pair or a pair locally and in as close to mint condition as possible as they are just something I'd like to have knocking around. This pair are boxed, though much to my horror when unpacking they were missing the top styrofoam insert that holds the tops apart - I was expecting them to be ruined as a result, especially as the only additional packaging the seller had thrown in was a few of those polythene airbag things.

Amazingly they survived the jorney without any scars. UK Mail can be highly recommended as a courier! Cosmetically they are very nice indeed, clean undinged wood and scratch-free metal crossover bases. As nice a looking pair as I've seen in a long while.

Dip in and out HERE

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