REGA: Build quality? Opinions vary! RP6 in particular.

I have owned a couple of Planar 3s and I thoroughly enjoyed them. So, a logical step, I bought a new RP6 a few months ago.

First thing I noticed the platter was a bit wobbly. The dealer recommended that I remove the aluminium top-plate from the subplatter to remove any possible manufacturing dirt. I did it and the situation improved a bit. But then I noticed that the platter was not level to the plinth. A bit higher from one side than from the other. Oh well. Then the lift mechanism broke. I returned the deck to the dealer, who returned it to Rega for service. I described the defects in detail and patiently waited six weeks for the deck to return.
The deck arrived with a replaced arm but the slight wobble is still there.

Now my question to experienced pinkfishers: would you live with it, is this OK, or would you return the deck and go shopping for a different one?