BLUES MAGOOS: What happened?

Hi Howard. I know you are into this type of 60's music and so what can you tell me about The Blues Magoos please? What should I avoid of theirs?  Thanks Laurence Rode.

Hmm, well ..... the short answer is 'not much'. But yes, I am into this genre and many similar ones too. I own a copy of 'Basic Blues Magoos' and I love it but this doesn't mean you will though.

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Okay, I've found a fine piece on them which I replicate below. Ones to avoid? Well, all the stuff I've heard by them seemed damn good to me and so nothing obvious springs to mind. Meanwhile ...

I got my copy HERE

Artist Biography by Steve Leggett: A Bronx-based quintet, the Blues Magoos were formed in 1964 and were originally known as the Trenchcoats before changing their name to the Bloos Magoos and then subsequently adopting the more conventional spelling as they became fixtures on the Greenwich Village club scene. The band released singles for the Ganim and Verve Forecast imprints before signing with Mercury Records in 1966, and after an intense makeover and a marketing blitz, they emerged as a sort of East Coast answer to the then-emerging San Francisco flower power psychedelic scene with a big single, “(We Ain’t Got) Nothing Yet,” that same year, and attracted further attention with the album Psychedelic Lollipop, which also charted. Really more a blues-rock band with a garage band’s approach and intentions than they were a Summer of Love band, the Blues Magoos nonetheless continued with psychedelic trappings for the album Electric Comic Book, which appeared in 1967, and the similarly constructed Basic Blues Magoos a year later in 1968. At this point the group restructured its membership and approach, signed with ABC Records, and returned to its blues roots for 1969’s Never Goin' Back to Georgia and 1970’s Gulf Coast Bound, which added some Latin touches to the blues and featured mostly session players. By 1972 the Blues Magoos name was retired, although the group reunited for live shows in the late 2000s

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