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Funny how one's misconceptions can occasionally be confounded rather than the more usual way of having them confirmed. I pretty much thought I didn’t like jazz – despite the fine efforts of my friend of many years standing; Graham Mitchell. GM has a vast collection of Jazz CDs. Very few appealed to me. And then he lent me a copy of this: The George Shearing Trio with Ray Brown & Marvin Smith: “Breaking Out”.Love it. I really do. I knew next to nothing about this fine pianist. So the ever reliable AMG site provided a brief guide. You can read that HERE.

You can read the review of this CD HERE.

Anyway, given all this I decided on a whim to check out other Jazz CDs in my collection. And I picked out Jimmy Smith: “Back In the Chicken Shack”. Terrific. Suddenly I'm a jazz enthusiast – or getting that way at least.

Your can read the review of this CD HERE.