NIRVANA: Live On Air – Nirvana (4CD)

Live On Air - Nirvana (4CD)

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Disc 1

1.Intro 2.Drain You 3.Aneuysm 4.School 5.Floyd The Barber 6.Smells Like Teen Spirit 7.About A Girl 8.Polly 9.Sliver 10.Breed 11.Come As You Are 12.Lithium 13.Territorial Pissings 14.Love Buzz 15.Floyd The Barber 16.Downer 17.Mexican Sea Food 18.Spank Thru 19.Hairspray Queen 20.Pen Cap Chew

Tracks 1-13 Pat O' Brian Pavillion, Del Mar Fairground, Ca, 28th December 1991 (Fm Radio Broadcast) Tracks 14-20 Kaos Community Radio, Olympia, Wa, 5th June 1987 (Fm Radio Broadcast)

Disc 2

1.Nobody Knows I'm New Wave 2.Aneurysm 3.Smells Like Teen Spirit (Intro) 4.Breed 5.Smells Like Teen Spirit (Intro) 6.Drain You 7.Beeswax 8.Spank Thru 9.School 10.Come As You Are 11.Lithium 12.Lounge Act 13.Sliver 14.About A Girl 15.Polly 16.Intermezzo 17.In Bloom 18.Territorial Pissings 19.Been A Son 20.On A Plain.

Estadio Valez Sarfield, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 30th October 1992 (Fm Radio Broadcast)

Disc 3

1.Radio Friendly Unit Shifter 2.Drain You 3.Breed 4.Serve The Servants 5.Rape Me 6.Heart Shaped Box 7.Pennyroyal Tea 8.Scentless Apprentice 9.Lithium 10.Endless Nameless 11.Interview - Canada 1991 12.Interview Part 1 - USA 1993 13.Interview Part 2 - USA 1993

Tracks 1-10 The Live And Loud Broadcast, Seattle, Wa, 13th December 1993

Disc 4 1.About A Girl 2.Come As You Are 3.Breed 4.Polly 5.Lounge Act 6.Love Buzz 7.Lithium 8.Smells Like Teen Spirit 9.Territorial Pissings 10.Lithium 11.Rape Me 12.Heart Shaped Box

Tracks 1-7 The Palace, Melbourne, Australia, 2nd February 1992 (Triple J Broadcast) Tracks 8-9 Saturday Night Live, 11th January 1992

Track 10 MTV Music Awards, 9th September 1992 Tracks 11-12 Saturday Night Live, 25th September 1992

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