THE GRATEFUL DEAD: Ticket to New Year’s (DVD) (12/31/87 at the Oakland Coliseum Arena)

Ticket to New Year's (DVD) (12/31/87 at the Oakland Coliseum Arena)

"DVD (Region 1) - The landmark New Year's Eve 1978 concert special that marked the end of the famed San Francisco Bay Area venue Winterland is now back on DVD in a deluxe set. Mixed from 24-track tapes, the sound is spectacular, and the 3-hour-plus show is a landmark performance from a band that was defined by its phenomenal live shows.

Packed with music, and bonus features, this DVD is arguably the Dead's finest hour

They used to say "There's nothing like a Grateful Dead concert," but this video offers the next best thing -- two and a half hours of the Dead onstage at Oakland Coliseum on New Year's Eve, as they stretch out (as only the Dead could) on such songs as Bertha, Uncle John's Band, The Music Never Stopped and Hell In A Bucket"

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