HEADPHONES: Music that’ll make your hi-fi or headphones sing?

Steve Guttenberg writes:

Michael Bloomfield was, for my money, the best white blues guitar player of the 1960s. He started recording for Columbia Records in 1964, and his stinging electric guitar ignited Bob Dylan's "Highway 61 Revisited" LP in 1965. His work with the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, later with his own group, the Electric Flag, and on Al Kooper's "Super Session" album in '68 cemented Bloomfield's reputation as the guitar player to beat. There was something about his sound that always got to me, Bloomfield continued to record into the '80s, and the records all have that killer guitar sound. He's not flashy or a slinger that cuts loose with a slew of notes -- no, Bloomfield had amazing tone and soul; every note was there for a reason. "From His Head, To His Heart, To His Hands," a new three-CD/one-DVD box set collects his best stuff, and I can't recommend it highly enough. The remastering is first-rate, Bloomfield never sounded better.

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