TRANSCRIPTORS: Hydraulic Reference Turntable

Editorial note 21/02/19. The thread started in 2011 but I found (this evening) that quite a few of the observations are still relevant and interesting. Neil / editor


I thought it might be good to share this little gem. Michell Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference Turntable. I like I no doubt many others on here, was watching this with keen interest on ebay. I have the advantage that the seller is local.

I even told SWMBO that I was looking at another Turntable. To which she responded with "What’s wrong with the one you’ve got?":clout:. I even told a friend I was thinking of bidding on it, as at the time, it was about £350. His response was "What’s so special about it?". Not being a vinyl owner, I had to explain Clockwork Orange, :P and that it was one of the most sought after Turntables at the time I bought my Garrard 401, SME 3009, Shure Combination, many moons ago. If I remember correctly, at the time, it was way above the cost of the above Combo, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I watched every day :nerves:, until the last, when it went for a staggering £1020, plus delivery. I say Staggering, because I would imagine it’s original cost in the 1960’s to be more around the £102 mark.