MERIDIAN: 101/10B – all the variants

1: Meridian 101B anodized

Hard anodized finish over the raw aluminium. An experiment to test surface-finish durability. It was indeed resistant to even a heavy set of keys being smashed down on to the surface. Never offered as an option because the process was very expensive compared to spray / power coating alternatives.

2: Meridian 101B brass.

Solid brass front etched with black ink. All functions by-passed except for one single MC phono stage using the finest spec module out of the final batch off the line.

3: MCA 101B in black with chrome front face etched with royal blue etching ink.

Only six were built, UK spec only. Chances of finding one = near hopeless

4: Meridian 101B Navy Blue. Serial number #312744.

The very last off the production for me and built by them in Navy blue with gold lettering on the front … as a thank you.

Subsequently re-engineered by the late Colin Howard (Meridian production director)not be ONLY an MC input, all other functions being by passed for ultimate simplicity with one pair of 1/4” output jacks instead of RCAs .. to achieve maximum contact between plug and socket. Used as part of an experiment by me in collaboration with Brinkmann to achieve, via my M1 actives the ultimate fully balanced from cartridge to speakers analogue replay system - unhindered by cost - that was limited only by the sophistication of contemporary technology at that time. I still own this very, very special 101b.


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