MAGNEPLANAR: Jim Winey, Maggies Man interviewed

David Lander (Stereophile) writes: The Pennsylvania Gazette documented an early connection between music and an American named Winey when, in 1759, it listed for sale as part of an estate "a middle sized organ, having eight stops." Interested parties were directed to one Jacob Winey, a Philadelphia merchant.

It's not known whether there's a familial link between the aforementioned Jacob, who appears to have been childless, and James Melton Winey, who, two centuries later, invented the Magneplanar speaker. (Family research indicates that Jim Winey's roots lead directly back to another Pennsylvania Jacob Winey, born in 1764.) Nevertheless, Magnepan's founder and president finds the old newspaper notice intriguing, since he's certain he inherited a family affinity for music so pronounced that it led his parents to name him after the popular radio tenor James Melton, who went on to sing at the Metropolitan Opera and in movies.

Music's pull was so strong that, ....

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