CLIMAX BLUES BABD; Live, Rare & Raw:1973-1979 (3CD)

Live, Rare & Raw:1973-1979 (3CD)

A brand new compilation that charts the period when the Climax Blues band accelerated from club act to US Top 40 regularsand, finally, Top 3 hit makers with ‘Couldn’t Get it Right’.Accompanying frontman Colin Cooper (vocals, sax) and Pete Haycock (guitar, vocals), both now sadly deceased, were JohnCuffley (drums) and Derek Holt (bass, vocals). The return of original member Richard Jones on keyboards midway throughthis gig sequence completed the classic Climax Blues Band line up.Material covers band-penned classics from ‘Sense Of Direction’ (1974), ‘Stamp Album’ (1975), ‘Gold Plated’ (1976), plus songsfrom then current album ‘Real To Reel’ (1979). Also included are blues standards like ‘The Seventh Son’, a long-time staple oftheir ‘live’ set and Wilbert Harrison’s ‘Let’s Work Together’.The Beatles ‘Get Back’ was introduced by Pete Haycock one night to lengthen a short set. “Towards the end of ‘All The TimeIn The World’ I started jamming the Beatles guitar solos and the other guys picked up on it. We started playing to please thecrowd after that!”The three concerts, from Marquee Club London (1973), New Jersey (1974), Guildford (1976) are previously unreleased. Only1979’s Miami show had a limited US release on Warner Bros.This an essential new set for blues aficionados and band fans alike.Booklet with authoritative and extensive liner notes includes quotes from Climax Blues Band’s Derek Holt and the late PeteHaycock.

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