Battle of the big Japanese integrated amps


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I see the price of big 1990s Japanese integrated amps are steadily rising on the bay....are they really worth it  Apart from the Sony ES line which I know are good, how do you guys feel about the following:Technics SU-VX800/820/920

  • Technics SU-V90D (the one with the dac)
  • Technics SU-V660/670
  • Technics SU-MA10 (the gold dual mono one again with a MASH Dac)
  • Technics SE-M100 (dual mono centre volume model, I think with a DAC!! Usually mated to SU-A40 preamp)

Technics SU-A900 (this one was well reviewed in its day)

Pioneer A676/777/878 - these are insanely engineered and well built - offering a lot more perceived value than the Pioneer A400 of the day, but it was the A400 that everyone thought sounded better?!

Kenwood KA7020
Kenwood DA9010 (also with a dac)

These were all like 100w per channel models selling in excess of £500 in the 1990s. Not that well reviewed, and probably not that well liked by the reviewers of the day - but they seem to be well engineered and offer a lot of bang for buck, then and also now. I own a Technics SU-VX800 - its ok, but no giant killer. Its a pleasurable but a little too laid back listen for my liking.

What does everybody else think (based on experience) - is there a real gem in the list above?

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