PREMATURE DEATH: Is the Audiophile dying in the UK … or not?

Hi guys...this question I'm going to pose is not intended to russel up anyone's feathers, moreover, I ask this question because I have (in recent years) noticed a significant change in the downward trend of attitude/outlook/customer service/passion/integrity/motivation/product knowledge/politeness, and so many other elements from the very people who are serving to sell companies products to the end user and which carries a huge responsibility for keeping the industry in this country alive. I relate this question specifically to the UK market as I also live/work in Europe as well as the UK andI have identified a very definite difference between the cross channel attitudes in the professionalism and enthusiasm of the 2 markets.

I didn't start to ask myself this very question until I stopped to think why 5 years ago I had not purchased a single piece of hi-end hi-fi equipment outside the UK and that for the last 18 months all my purchases have gone to European dealers. This was not relative to manufacturer or product as there are no limitations on purchasing products within the EU anymore and yes all of my purchases have been British made items that Ive bought in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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