SOUL MUSIC: An Introduction

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Soul music started to appear in the late 50's early 60's, combining the religious inspired Gospel sound with the already popular Rhythm & Blues sound helped to form Soul Music as a more secular styled music, which quickly made it a hit with the young Black communities of the time. It has since gone on to spawn some of the most famous labels, Stax, Motown, Atlantic, most famous musical artists of all time and some of the most famous records ever made.

Recently Soul Music has seen a bit of a revival in the commercial music world bringing soulful vibes to a whole new generation and prolonging this joyous and infectious music for many decades to come. Soul Music as its name suggest is about expressing the inner spirit in song and thus creates some of the most uplifting and deeply felt music the modern world has ever heard. I'd like to stick as close the traditional Soul sound as we can as it has inspired many other styles ie Disco and House but I'd like to a thread for them separately.


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