NELSON PASS: An interview

Gray Bread (Positive Feedback) writes:

He of All Things Deeply Biased…

He is an audio engineer extraordinaire and has the medal, golden sash and purple hat plume to prove it. His best friend was the Most Interesting Man in the World until he got tired of supplying all the beer and told him to go buy his own pet lion. His designs are reverently discussed in hushed tones during secret audio society meetings around the world; where he is known to audiophiles by many names; Nelly P, Fiddy Ohm, Maestro and of course, Papa.

"He" is Nelson Pass. And "he" has designed yet another winner in Pass Labs Point 8 series...

As the founder of a handful of audio companies (I didn't recognize any of them, but that's what his bio says), Mr. Pass is (apparently) an audio industry legend. His decades-long career is well documented on Wikipedia and his audio designs are universally praised, not only by audiophile end-users, but by other practitioners of the craft. Mr. Pass is generous with his designs, allowing DIY devotee's from around the world to screw up well his thought-out schematics of Firstwatt and other out of production amplifiers so they can build their own fugly crap from scratch (and I've got the Fugly F4 to prove it).

Much lore surrounds the enigma that is Mr. Nelson Pass. When not high-diving from the cliffs of Sea Ranch, there is a rumor he is designing a line of audiophile pajamas. (Here is a picture of him modeling the prototype on Six Moons.) There is also a persistent urban legend that indicates he was the inspiration for the blockbuster movie Men In Black, but that is undocumented.

In an effort to understand more about the shadowy Papa and the process that led him to design the Pass Labs Point 8 amplifiers, I asked him to ….

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