PHASE LINEAR 1000: What does this dynamic range expander actually do?

Audio expansion means to expand the dynamic range of a signal. It is basically the opposite of audio compression. For example, if the ratio is 2:1 and the signal drops 3dB below the threshold, the signal level will be reduced to 6dB below the threshold.

Music. In music, dynamic range describes the difference between the quietest and loudest volume of an instrument, part or piece of music. In modern recording, this range is often limited through dynamic range compression, which allows for louder volume, but can make the recording sound less exciting or live.

Dynamics processing is the process of altering the dynamic range of an audio source to make it easier to place in the overall mix. Common types of dynamics processors include: Compressor. A compressor is a type of amplifier in which gain is dependent on the signal level passing through it.

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