JOHN KAY / STEPPENWOLF: Rock & Roll Odyssey (DVD)

• Official documentary exploring the history of Steppenwolf!!

• Narrated by band leader John Kay himself.

• This project is a very personal labour of love to John Kay

.• Features full versions of "Born To Be Wild", "Magic Carpet Ride", "The Pusher" and the stories that made them famous.

• Also features many hit songs from their storied career

The story of one of rock's most enduring, uncomprimising, outspoken bands. John Kay's escape from communism, "The Sparrow", Steppenwolf's triumphs, tribulations and 40 year history, the music, the places and faces, the pop culture Meccas, the turbulent '60s and more, all are documented here with archival footage, performances and interviews, narrated by John Kay and a diverse cast of characters who played major roles in Steppenwolf's legacy.Footage never seen before as well as bonus features like "The Last Wolfest", a backstage pass to John Kay & Steppenwolf's last annual "wolf Pack" fan club celebration, reunion and private concert. A must have for the true fan, of which there are thousands.

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