THE BEATLES: When did the Beatles record their last song?

AD writes:

On 20 August 1969, The Beatles–John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr–put the finishing touches on the Lennon/McCartney masterpiece, I Want You (She's so Heavy) for their final album–and penultimate album release–Abbey Road: by some considered the best Rock and Pop album ever. It would be the last time all four Beatles would be in the studio together.

While work on the album–by Paul, George, Ringo, and George Martin (including 5th Beatle Billy Preston)–continued past August of 1969 (as well as on the, then, unfinished Get Back–released as Let it Be) John Lennon did not participate in any more of the band's writing, recording, or album production after 20 August.

HC writes:

While they were all alive — January 1970, at the only Beatles recording session done outside the 1960s.

In the Let It Be film George Harrison is seen demo-ing a new song to Ringo, so they needed a finished recording. Harrison (guitar/vocal), McCartney (bass/organ/harmony vocal) and Starr put it together, the very last Beatles recording, which was, however fittingly, “I Me Mine”.

I believe the last track recorded that all four members were involved with would be “Because” in the summer of 1969 but the question asked about “Beatles record” so the answer is January 1970 (there have been quite a few Beatles recordings that did not involve all four, from “Yesterday” to “The Inner Light” to “the Ballad of John and Yoko” to “She Said She Said” to “Revolution 9” to “Back in the USSR” — but they’re all “Beatles” recordings).

While they were all not still alive — 1994, recording “Real Love”. Of course this invites the question, “is it the Beatles”, if “the Beatles” were said to have been OPD in 1970, but it was sold as the Beatles, so that’s another possible answer.

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